Blogging again

So it starts again, but in English – which was something intend for a long time, but I had the ambition to make this site fully bilingual, and that never happened.

I’m part of a blogging experiment / challenge / circle, whatever, where several people join to blog and commit to publish, read and comment. Though many of them are bilingual and can read French, the flavour is definitively in English, and based on the topics, I’ll write in one or another language.

One of the other bloggers asked me why I stopped my personal blog. Many reasons came together, one of them, but not the most important, being lack of time, and writing exhaustion.

When I started this one, I was working in a company, as a project manager, and moving in a foreign country. I saw it, basically, as a way to keep in touch with friends and family. At that time, I did not work on the web, had no clue about SEO, copy writing, and so on.

Today, the situation is rather different. It’s quite difficult for me to write a text without thinking about H1, H2, links anchors and keywords density. I write mainly for ten blogs, and many other customers. There are days, when I’m hyper productive, where I can write fifteen to twenty 400 words articles about one thematic, or at least tailored to included a specific keywords – which is rather different.

So, at the end of the day, I’m somehow tired of writing….

The second point, which is even more important, is related to web « activism ». Though I’m not a real activist, I have strong opinions, and I have voiced them, mainly here. That all started during the run for presidential elections of 2002, which was also my first election run abroad, and nearly my first year in Germany.

I was far away from my country, but I had the feeling something very important was going to happen, something I did totally disagree with, and I had the feeling I could somehow fight efficiently for my ideas through blogging.

There were other important things happening, here in Morocco, or in France, after the election.

Nevertheless, at some point of time, I just stopped. I had the feeling writing words was not so important, was having no real impact. I also encountered, at my very small scale, hate and insults.

They did not scare me, but they made me realize how big is a part of the web where people just don’t think, insult each other, and feel finally free to express on line what they did not dare say away of the keyboard. I strongly moderated their comments, but what was the sense ? I realized that I was convincing only already convinced people, and that the others would more look to convince me than anything else.

Also, that the web is a space of verbal violence that can be so intense it « nearly » equals physical violence. Just Google about Anita Sarkeesian to see what I mean…

I decided to preserve that space from any « ugly discussion », and password protected the post that might be even slightly controversial, in some areas I know fires I easily ignited. I made everything for google not to be my friend anymore, no index, adress change without redirections, and, at least, I got rid off of the most obnoxious readers.

But somehow, the momentum was lost… so here is a try to restart the machine !

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6 réponses à Blogging again

  1. Cristophe dit :

    Je ne suis pas fully bilingual, j’aurais été incapable d’écrire tout cela en Anglais, mais je comprends. Alors siyousoune !

  2. Marie-Aude dit :

    Sank you veri muche ^^

  3. I understand perfectly. I run a website with very strong opinions, and people can really go berserk. I’ve had to moderate comments, ban people, and I also closed the website for three+ months because of all that craziness.

    Welcome back to the blogging world, then! It’s a wonderful world, and I love it! ^^
    Don’t worry about the SEO thing. At some point, it becomes natural and you do it without even thinking.

  4. Thomas Knoll dit :

    I’m looking forward to reading more and getting to know you during this experiment! =)

  5. Marie-Aude dit :

    Thank you :)

    Something funny happened : I’m so used to spam, and so used to French that I sent your two comments to spam before realizing and going to the trash to approve them again.

  6. It’s okay, I don’t mind spam, if you have some bread to go with it! ^^

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